Sugiyashiki Okuyama

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Seasonal local foods and courteous hospitality

Sugiyashiki Okuyama, the adornment of our rooftop is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese style house.
Inside the cedar furnishings serve to create a homey, and sophisticated atmosphere.
We hope you enjoy our high quality dishes with seasonal local ingredients together with our Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality). 


Enjoy a delicious array of dishes which combine highly selected ingredients with sincerity and a craftsmanship. 

*The ingredients used in dishes are different each season.  
Ceremonial dishes
Sugiyashiki Gozen ¥1,800
Daily special ¥1,000
We can suggest the types and the contents of dishes according to your requests and price range. 
A traditional food in Nanbu and Shimokita region of Aomori



Keiran is a hot bowl dish of clear soup including egg-shaped rice dumplings with sweet bean paste filling inside. We also add walnuts in rice dumplings.
The word “Keiran” means chicken egg in Japanese.
This dish is mainly served for auspicious events or Buddhist memorial service in our region, but we serve it to guests through the year. 


SHOP NAME  Sugiyashiki Okuyama
ADDRESS  111 Kagetsunai Shichinohe-machi Kamikita-gun Aomori 039-2523


OPENING HOURS  Lunch 11:30―14:00    Dinner 17:30―21:30
CLOSED  Tuesday
ROOMS  8 seats at the bar
 4 tables

 7 rooms (2 ~ 20 people)
 1 hall (20 ~ 60 people)

 Japanese & Western style bathrooms
PARKING  10 cars
SHOP NAME  Sugiyashiki Okuyama
ADDRESS  111 Kagetsunai Shichinohe-machi Kamikita-gun Aomori 039-2523
 PHONE  0176-62-6077
OPENING HOURS  Lunch 11:30―14:00
 Dinner 17:30―21:30
CLOSED  Tuesday
ROOMS  8 seats at the bar
 4 tables

 7 rooms (2 ~ 20 people)
 1 hall (20 ~ 60 people)

 Japanese & Western style bathrooms
PARKING  10 cars


We offer an authentic Japanese dining experience for events of all types and sizes. Sit back, relax and enjoy good times and fine dining at Sugiyashiki Okuyama.

The Hall (capacity of 60 people)
Private rooms for small groups.


Address: 111 Kagetsunai Shichinohe-machi Kamikita-gun Aomori 039-2523